Valentine's Day 2014 Week List Schedule and Valentines day Dates Full List

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Valentine's Day Week 2014 Schedule, Valentine's Day 2014 Dates, Valentine's Day 2014 Full List, Valentine's Day 2014 Weekend List Details
Valentine's Day Weekend is coming and every couple is searching about the list and schedule of valentine's day 2014 week so today I'm going to share with you the full schedule and full list of valentine's Day 2014 week. I know you all are excited about these days we will tell you all the days in details and also tell you how you can take advantage of these days so stay with us till the end of the post.

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February 7, 2014    Friday           Rose Day  
February 8, 2014    Saturday:      Propose Day
February 9, 2014    Sunday         Chocolate Day
February 10, 2014  Monday        Teddy Day
February 11, 2014  Tuesday        Promise Day
February 12, 2014  Wednesday   Hug Day
February 13, 2014  Thursday       Kiss Day
February 14, 2014   Friday          Valentine Day

on Rose Day 2014 you can give a rose to your patner there are many color of roses it depends on you. If you have a love relation with your patner then you have to give a red rose, pink rose is a symbol of close friend, yellow rose will show the relation of best friend and white rose says that its a peace. If you are wishing your partner on phone then some Rose day Sms can play a better role so have a look at our below stuffs.

On Propose Day 2014 you have to share your feeling with your patner for this you may need some Propose Day 2014 Sms then you can look at the below Stuffs which are related to the propose day.

On Chocolate Day 2014 you can get together being a chocolate if you need some Chocolate Day 2014 Sms then you can look at the below chocolate day stuffs.

On Teddy Day 2014 you can gift a sweet and cute teddy to your partner so that he/she will get a good feelings. if you are searching about the teddy day stuffs then you can get it from below

On Promise Day 2014 you can make a promise with your partner to being live together. if you are looking for the Promise Day 2014 Sms then you can look at the below stuffs.

On Hug Day 2014 you can give a hug to your partner to make a warm attachment. If you are looking for the Hug Day Sms then you can get it from the below.

On Kiss Day 2014 You can kiss your partner to make love more strong and you can send him/her a kiss day sms and images, for kiss day stuffs you can look at the below stuffs.

On Valentine's Day 2014 you will being a happy pair on the valentine's day if you are not able to meet with your love on this valentine's day so you can send a text sms/quotes/message on WhatsApp,Line,BBM(Blackberry messenger) Messenger to your love. For valentine's day kinda stuffs you can look at the below.